.50 Caliber BMG Refillable Lighter


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Crafted from authentic US Military once-fired bullets, our 50 Caliber BMG Refillable Lighter is a rare find. A perfect gift for showcasing rugged style and individuality.

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Unlock the rugged charm of the elusive 50 Caliber BMG Refillable Lighter, meticulously crafted from authentic US Military once-fired bullets. This unique accessory is the ultimate conversation starter and a perfect gift to showcase your bold style. With a design that could have been pulled straight from Clint Eastwood’s hand in ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly’. The removable Clipper lighter allows for easy refilling with butane gas, while the replaceable flint ensures long-lasting functionality.  Embrace sustainability with Lucky Shot USA®—dedicated to giving munitions a second chance

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