1776 Patriot We The People Betsy Ross Flag 3×5 Rough Tex® 100D

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Introducing the 1776 Patriot We The People Betsy Ross Flag – a symbol of American resilience and freedom that stands tall and proud. This exquisite 3×5 flag is not merely a piece of fabric but a narrative of liberty, woven from the Rough Tex® 100D, a fabric revered for its exceptional durability and resilience.

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This masterpiece surpasses mere aesthetics; it is 100% UV Protected, ensuring that its vibrant declaration of independence remains unfaded by the harsh trials of the sun. Moreover, its unparalleled waterproof quality guarantees that the essence of liberty it embodies remains undiluted, come rain or shine. With the 1776 Patriot We The People Betsy Ross Flag, you are not just purchasing a symbol; you are embracing an enduring piece of history, a torchbearer of the American dream. Let your pride unfurl with this flag, where every flutter in the wind echoes the timeless tale of bravery, unity, and the undying pursuit of liberty. Elevate your space with this emblem of freedom.

Weight.20 oz
Dimensions30 × 20 × 5 in
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